1.Before cleaning the Ai Yu jelly, please wash your hands first!



2.Please put the Ai Yu jelly into the washing bag. The washing bag can be reused

The ratio of Ai Yu jelly to water is 1:80

 ( If you want to wash a whole package of Ai Yu jelly, you can prepare 2400ml of water. )




3.prepare 2400ml of water.

(Do not use distilled water or filtered water. Minerals in the water are needed for washing Ai Yu jelly.)'s start the parent-child bonding time! When washing Ai Yu jelly, knead the washing bag repeatedly for about 6-8 minutes, and you will get a thick and natural Ai Yu jelly solution!  
5.Afterwards, refrigerate the solution for storage, and serve it with lemon and chilled sugar water. It is natural, healthy and delicious : )  

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